Tata Simonyan

Tata Simonyan is one of the most well-known Armenian pop artists. Tata’s passionate performances and lively stage presence, not to mention his great voice, have endeared him to Armenian’s the world-over. He was the Honored Artist of Republic of Armenia in 2006, and was nominated for the King of Pop Music in Moscow in 2008 In April 2010, Tata Simonyan won the Best Album Category for his “Amenalave Du Es” at the world famous Tashir Armenian Music Awards held in Moscow. To date, Tata has performed for audiences in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Holland, Belgium, England, France, Spain, Greece, Cuprous, numerous Middle Eastern countries and 45 cities in Russia.

He has released eight albums for which he wrote the music and lyrics. His songs top the charts and receive countless nominations. He has also collaborated with such well-known singers as L. Uspenskaya, “Reflex”, A.Dneprov, and “Otpetie moshenniki.”