Tamar Kaprelian

Born in Scottsdale, Arizona and brought up in both Georgia and California by Armenian Parents surrounded by love and great music. Tamar has been writing songs for as long as she could remember. Classic Disney films influenced her as a kid, but her true love of music came when she discovered Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.
At 22 years old, she is releasing her first record this fall on Interscope. Tamar Writes primarily on the piano. Her music is thought provoking, hopeful, playful and honest.

“I’ve spent the past few years passionately tweaking/re-writing/tweaking more/over analyzing and completely obsessing over these collection of songs. Songwriting is the most sacred thingin my life.It’s a coming of age record. It chronicles my life, my relationships, my basket-case-ness, and my utter determination and drive to create an album that is real and true to me both personally