As the history of Armenian pop music develops, one fact remains constant, talent wins.  You can imitate styles and copy sounds, but in the end you will not survive.  Your career will be short-lived and unremembered.

Singer/songwriter Sako possesses an immense talent for music.  Sako’s meaningful and devoted approach towards music led to taking an actively practical part in the transformation of Armenian pop music.  Rather than imitating music from other cultures, he has proven that Armenian music is adaptable to new styles.   He has exposed the new generation to modern Armenian music which can be appreciated by many.  Although he has had numerous hit songs and received prominent awards, the artist’s achievements can be ascertained by his collection of albums over time. Sako has evolved significantly over the years.  His endurance is a result of creating the best music.

In less than 15 years, and at age 38, Sako has already released 11 remarkable albums and has performed in front of thousands of fans throughout the world.  With his unique style and distinct sound, the unsurpassed artist continues to progress and amaze fans with his vast talent.   What makes Sako ultimately rare is his divergence from other musicians in his genre.  With an immensely proficient ear for music, Sako is a leader, not a follower.  The highly skilled artist owns a fully equipped studio and has his own record label, ME Productions.   His ideas and methods are his own and stem from his talent and extensive musical background.