Mister X

When a new, mystifying stranger appeared on the stage no one knew him, but when he started to sing everybody realized that he is a star and it will shine in the hearts of those who value good music. The new era began in the life of artist with the start of cooperation with producer Egishe Petrosyan and the new performance character – Mister X – was born as a result of this cooperation. Exceptionally talented performer, he is a hard worker and owns diverse qualities, plays on many musical instruments: guitar, piano, drums, accordion and others.

Mister X differs very much from the others with his modesty and views and his created characters owns the same qualities on the stage with a small difference: the black mask. Being a very romantic person, he appreciated the idea of being a mysterious and sings just about love, the most beautiful feeling. He thinks that he must be honest and kind in any situation to anybody. He believes that God is always with him and gives a power not to betray his views and principles. Being very hardworking, he considers: never to stand still, always to study, to adopt experience and to be attentive and receptive. He thinks that being a star itself is nothing. The star can shine brightly only by being filled with warmth and love towards everybody, and by giving to all of us warmth, peace and satisfaction. His concerts with Aramik Moosakhanian in 2009 and 2010 brings a new taste of music to the world and their joint performance in world music week in Canada has been televised nationally by Tele Latino in Canada.

2000: Krunk 2000, Armenian, Best Performance
2002: Radio Ardzagank, Armenian, Best hit of the year
2003: Slavianski Bazaar, F.I.D.O.F., Russia, for the outstanding performance on the stage
2004: Krunk 2004, Armenia, Best Concert Performance