Masta Mindz

Ever since their teenage years, close friends Big-E (Edvard Ovsepyan) and Chubbz (Hrant Poghosyan) have had a very special interest in creative music. Growing up to the sounds of their older partners the “Criminal Mindz”, and the ever so popular “Bone Thugz N Harmony” they became influenced to follow in their footsteps in creating a unique sound that will stand out from other artists style of music. Mixing rapid fire style lyrics with a recognized West Coast twist has caught the attention of many top record label executives and ever so many fans. With their first hit single “California Livin’” released near the end of their teenage years, they quickly became recognized as a top unsigned act in the LA underground Rap/Hip Hop scene. After releasing their first mixtape, they had the previlage of working with K- Mont from Krayzie Bone’s The Life Ent label which set the table for the MastaMindz in working with recognized artists.Their huge resume includes working with many talented and popular individuals such as K-Mont, Layzie Bone, Dub Willis, Quene, Humbl Sohl,Suge Knight,Wish Bone,Keef G Da Bum,Young Life Etc. Also major labels such as Treacherous Records,Thugline Records,Pentagon Records,Bungalo/Universl Records,In Ya Face Entertainment and Major Records. An official EP is currently in the works so keep an open eye and a clear MIND for news regarding that as well. Keep Dem Double M’s Up!

Glendale,Ca – In the ever so populated Los Angeles hip hop, rap community it’s difficult to find artists that have been pursuing the rap career as long as rap legend Krayzie Bone’s newest proteges and labelmates to his “The Life Ent” imprint L.A.’s own “MastaMindz” consisting of long time friends Biggy & Chubbz.The duo has almost 10 years of experience under their belt. With a fanbase that traces from the states to their homeland Armenia, the MastaMindz are sure to cause a global warming. “It was about time somebody put us on man. We bringin’ something fresh to the table and Krayzie and Wish recognized that so we’re very thankful.” says MastaMindz member Biggy. As soon as Bone Thugz n’ Harmony members Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone heard the duo’s rapid fire midwest style of lyrics mixed with a west coast twist, they were quickly impressed and decided to ink them to a deal to his The Life Ent label. “They are real and raw” says Krayzie Bone about “Double M”.The group made their T.L debut on Krayzie Bones The Fixtape Vol. 2 Just one mo Hit. “Night time Favor”