An artist with an uncompromising passion for music, LUCINA exploded onto the scene, igniting audiences worldwide within a matter of a few short years. Her voice, fueled by the energy and passion of youth, her sound, melodic and moving coupled with a rhythmic edge. A pioneer in many respects within the music industry, LUCINA is the first artist from Armenia to sign with the EMI label, an unprecedented feat for a budding musician. After her hit single “On Tour” with former Fugees front man Wyclef Jean, she moved seamlessly from up-tempo Oriental grooves to sultry ballads like “Miracle” and “Take Me Away”, off her self-titled debut album. With a veteran’s self-assurance, her work bears hints of early Mariah and Celine, the divas she grew up on and admires. Songs like “Toor Eents Seru Ko” (Give Me Your Love) launched her remarkable career and opened the door to a world, she once only dreamt about.

Born and raised in Yerevan, LUCINA attended the Yerevan State University, where she earned a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, though she had been studying piano and cultivating her vocal talents since childhood. Compared to the average Armenian girl, she was truly exotic both in terms of where she resided and how she lived. Her persistence is what set her apart as she travelled abroad, in search of new opportunities. During her time in Los Angeles LUCINA was even asked to perform on Broadway, but turned it down because of her dedication to education. Realizing that her chosen profession was not her true calling, she actively began to pursue a career in music.

Whether by chance or design, LUCINA’s collaboration with internationally renowned composer, pianist and producer, Guy Manoukian, was a turning point in her career. Perfect synergy turned into harmony as her powerful vocals paired well with Manoukian’s composing skills. While in New York, recording their first track at Platinum Studios, LUCINA was discovered by Wyclef Jean, who happened to be working on his latest album, “Carnival volume II – Memoirs of an immigrant” featuring Serge Tankian, TI, Norah Jones and Paul Simon. “On Tour”, LUCINA’s first English single with Wyclef, spent five weeks at the number one spot in Armenia and went on to become a world-wide hit. While on his European tour, LUCINA had a chance to perform for thousands of fans in Madrid, a tremendous honor for her and a taste of what is to come. It wasn’t long before she was back at Platinum, recording her debut album “LUCINA” and to ink a record deal with EMI.

Over the course of the albums thirteen songs, LUCINA serves us her own portrait of American music. From Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge to Lebanon and Monaco, each video presents a different aspect of her life and each track shows us her versatility. Released in September of 2009, in her hometown of Yerevan, LUCINA was able to come back to where it all started from, not too long ago.

Plans for a second album are underway, this time in her native tongue. Inspired by the Armenian folk songs she used to sing with her grandmother, LUCINA intends to dedicate the record to her and to represent her nation on the world stage.