2003 – Musical collage after Romanos Melikyan
2005 – Recieved a diploma in The Anual Music Festival “Krunk”
2006 – Recieved a diploma in The Anual Music Festival “Krunk”
2007 – Released “Tats Ser” videoclip, directed by Suren Tadevosyan
2007 – Presentation of single “Tats Ser” (Armenian Music Center)
2007 – Won the Award for the nomination “Discovery of the Year” in the Annual Festival of the Armenian modern Song ” Voske Qnar”
2008 – “I wanna say good-bye” videoclip featuring Richard Madlenyan, Directed by Khachik Eghoyan
2008 – Played a role in ” Chakatagri Geriner” Soap Opera (Armenia TV)
2008 – Reported Program “Bari Luys”
2008 – Released “verjatsar” videoclip directed by Karen Stepanyan
2008 – “verjatsar” first CD Presentation, (Karen Studio)
2009 – Released “Amperits El Ver” videoclip, directed by Karen Grigoryan
2009 – Presented Armenia in the Annual International Festival
2009 – Released “Qez Em Spasum” videoclip, directed by George Harutyunyan
2010 – Released “Hognel Em” videoclip, directed by Aren Bayadyan