Hasmik Karapetyan

I was born in 1977 on July 4 , in Yerevan. I finished the secondary school 122 simultaneously attending classes in the music school after Avet Gabrielyan. I entered the Gladzor University , the Department of journalism. While studying there for three years ,I understood that music is my world and decided to enter the Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, the Department of vocal , but I couldn’t continue it as I left for USA. I have been singing since my childhood but at the age of 17, I started to compose songs. My debut was in the authorial song festival “Bohem”, where I presented my song “Garun” . For two years I worked in the studio “Ardzaganq”, during that period I recorded six songs and had some concerts almost in all the regions of RA. Since 1998 I have been working in the State Song Theatre as a soloist. I was in Sochi, Yalta, Los Angeles and Kharabakh on tours . When I am tired or want to be alone , I find peace only at the water. I like all the colours, except yellow. I am very romantic and try to be honest with people as much as I can. My motto is “Go ahead always trusting yourself”.

My music career.

* My first debut was in 1995 in the authorial song festival “Bohem” , where I presented a composition called “Garun”.
* From 1995 to 1997 I had worked in the studio “Ardzaganq” and took part in many concerts held in the regions of RA.
* In 1996 my first clip was made based on the song called “Es hognel em” (I got tired), (Producer Hrach Qeshishyan).
* In 1998 I worked in the State Song Theatre and participated in the performance called “Mer dare, dare mer” (Our century, the century of ours), (Producer Hrach Qeshishyan).
* In 1998 a new clip was shot based on the song “Qez hamar” (For you) , (Producer Hrach Qeshishyan).
* In 1999 I left for the USA and had concerts in the hall “Hollywood Palladium” with “New Armenians” Hayko and Grish Aghakhanyan.
* In 2000 a new clip was made based on the song “Es Chkam” (I don’t exist), (Producer Hrach Qeshishyan).
* In 2001 Hayko helped me to record my first cassette called “Andzrev” in the studio “Real Sound”. The same year that song was nominated as the best song of he year.
* In 2001 after returning from the USA the clip of the song “Andzrev” was shot. (Producer Hrach Qeshishyan).
* From 2001 to 2002 I took part in some concerts in Yerevan, Vanadzor, Gyumri with my new projects .
* In autumn 2002 a clip was shooted based on the song “Es gnum em” (I am leaving), (Producer Hrach Qeshishyan). The song became a hit and in 2003 the remix version of the song was recorded.
* In March 2003 Andre, Lilit Karapetyan, Forsh and I left for Moscow to take part in the concert organized by the Armenian community in Moscow and I was nominated as the best singer of the year.
* From 12 to 26 May, 2003 Andre and I were on concert tours in Iran. We had four joint concerts in Tehran and three in Isfahan. We had a great success and got a new invitation to leave for Iran in future.