Eva Rivas

Eva Rivas was born on July 13, 1987 in Rostov-na-Donu.

During the years of studying at school she actively participated in the social life of the school for which she was rewarded with different awards. Throughout the years of the elementary school she was a solo singer of the Armenian chorus.

In 1996-2004 she used to be a soloist of one of the most famous ensembles in Rostov called “Arevik”.  As a member of the aforementioned chorus she sang both classical and variety songs, as well as Russian and foreign compositions. As a solo singer, Eva was repeatedly a laureate in different contests and compositions. In 2000 the ensemble “Arevik” was awarded the title “Ensemble of the Year”.

In 1997 the ensemble gained the title “National”. Astonishing everybody with her performances both within the ensemble and as an individual artist, Eva won the “Grand Prix” in the juvenile song contest “Scarlet Flower” .

In 1999 during the first juvenile Russian Delphi games in the city of Saratov, while presenting an Armenian song from the repertoire of Rosi Armen, Eva was awarded two silver medals.

In 2003 the ensemble “Arevik was awarded a diploma in the First Pan-Russian Contest of variety artists and Eva won a diploma in the contest of patriotic songs organized by Nadejda Babkina. In the same year she graduated from the studio “Image Elite” and became one of the leading models of the aforementioned studio. She was awarded the title of the “Little beauty of Rostov”. At the age of 13, having a height of 180sm. she gained an exclusive right to participate in the adult beauty contest and was awarded the title of “Miss Talent”.

The year 2005 was marked as a year of new achievements in the life of Eva. She was rewarded the titles of “Golden Voice of Rostov”, “Miss Pearl of Don”. Likewise, she gained the title of “Vice-miss of the Caucasus” in Yerevan.

In 2005 during the annual ceremony “Armenian Song of the Year” she won the first prize. A year later Eva was became  a prize-holder of the festival “5 stars” held in Sochi.

In 2005 she got acquainted with Valeriy Saharyan and in 2008 started cooperation with the “Armenian Production” producing centre.

At present “Armenia Production” Producing Centre is in charge of all the hindrances in the creative process of Eva. During the 4th national annual ceremony “Tashir 2009” Eva managed to sing one of the most difficult and oldest works of Sayat-Nova called “Tamam Ashkharh”. This is just one of the songs of Eva. The repertoire of Eva also embraces the song “Lanjer Mardgan”, based on the words of Avetik Isahakyan. Currently Eva is busy recording a CD which will include songs of Sayat-Nova. In order to help Eva in the process of singing Armenian national songs correctly Ruben Matevosyan and other specialists show her a helpful hand.

In 2009 a video clip on the song “Tamam Ashkharh” was shot. The director of the clip was Bookhadir Yuldeshev, a director of a great number of foreign video-clips and a series of films. The process of shooting took place in Armenia, Afghanistan, Algeria and Uzbekistan for 17 days. The clip was gained a wide acclaim both within Armenian as well as foreign spectators.

In 2009 Eva was a guest of a great number of Armenian TV shows and different performances.

Now Eva is hardly preparing for the Eurovision song contest’s in Norway in May,2010. Eva is to present song “Apricot stone”(lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan, music by Armen Martirosyan).