Erevanski is a special music group comprised of three talented artists: Miko (a.k.a. Mikayel Sargsyan), Rafo (a.k.a. Rafayel Fahradyan) and Hayko (a.k.a. Hayk Serobyan). All three members were born in Erevan, Armenia, but they met each other in California after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. They all had different dreams for the future, but had one commonality: music. Rafo and Hayko met in high school in 2002 and fast became friends. In 2005, Erevanski was born when the third member of the group, Miko, met Rafo and Hayko. All three became close friends and found themselves constantly hanging out together. During one such hangout on a rainy day, they started writing poetry and throwing ideas around out of boredom. Their first song “Arandz Dzez” was created during such a day and attracted many fans on the Internet. With the support of their families and their new found fans, they saw an opportunity to create music they and their fans would love.

Erevanski released their first album “Mi Angam Amerikayum” on August 30, 2007. City of Erevan being so near to their hearts (birthplace and where their families still resided); they compiled their most notable song “Erevan Im Srtum” on their first album. Two songs that can be accredited to Erevanski’s rise to fame are “Erevan Im Srtum” and “Anitsvats Ser”. “Anitsvats Ser”, a beautiful but sad song, gained them even more recognition and a greater fan base following.

Erevanski’s need for more music knowledge pushed all three members to attend Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Erevanski focused their music education on producing and audio engineering. With evident success from their first release and their fresh knowledge on music production and audio engineering, Erevanski came back strong with their second album release.

Erevanski released their second album “Hip Pop” on December 11, 2009. This album is on the fast track to being one of their best achievements as a group. With this recent album release, they have attained a more devoted fan base, and will be performing at numerous concerts to satisfy fan demands for live Erevanski concerts.