Arthur Meschian

Arthur Meschian was born on March 3, 1949, in Yerevan. He is an Armenian rock musician, singer, composer, artist and architect. He is also known as one of the founders of Armenian rock. He is the co-author of different architectural projects included Zvartnots Airport and the new building of Matenadaran in Armenia.

Meschian was the leader of the “Apostles” (Arakyalner), an Armenian underground rock band in the 1960-70′s that become the “voice of the generation” during the period of stagnation and Soviet censure. Three students of the (Yerevan State Politechnic Institute) were singing about pain and sorrow (they used the lyrics written by Moushegh Ishkhan and Meschian). General themes in the songs included the philosophy of life’s meaning, pain and mercy or joy and pride.

In 1976 “Apostles” were banned by Soviet censorship, by the end of the 80′s, the “iron curtain” fell and Meschian moved to the USA with his family. He formed the “Arakyalner90″ band and recorded four studio albums featuring both old works from “Apostles” and new songs. “Catharsis” was very popular with some of the best-known old songs such as “Song of conscience”, “Steps”, “I used to know”, “With the pain of the world” and “Where were you, God?” .

In 1997 he returned to Armenia and become the Chief architect of Yerevan, then he came back to Boston, and started working as an architect. Since 2006 he lives in Armenia and is a concerting musician now.
“If we lose the light of art, the darkness will drive us crazy…”, says Arthur Meschian.