She was born in Yerevan, in 1973, August 22. She has finished the school N 162. In 1990-1992 learned adjacent to Armenian state philharmonic variety and jazz art’s studio’s variety vocal department.

In 1992 she was invited to work with “Hayer” group, where she worked for five years.

Since 2000, she has started her solo career. She has recorded her first hit “Andzrev” and made video clip of this song. After the astounding success of the song, she recored few more hits and then took very serious steps for recording her first album.

In 2001-2005 Arminka learned in Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas in the department of vocal jazz.

In 2003 January released her first album “Andzrev.” It was followed with concerts, solo concerts and tours in Armenia and abroad.

In 2005 October she released her second “Arminka” album.

In 2008 October she released her third “N 3″ album.