Arman Hovhannisyan

The life that l have lived makes me be realistic.When on the stage l forget everything and live my song. No song will ever tounch anyone unless it has soul and feelings, and peaple love that is true.It is hard for me to pretend. Every moment you should live with and feel true feelings and this will be the best self-determination for you. Singing means everything to me. I cannot say what I would have been doing if I have not been singer. It is hard to me imagine, as singing is my hobby, my prosession, my love, my way of self-expression, my world and life, and I give it all to you with love. I live my life as my sing. My Song-my life is easy and full. And the life goes as you live it. Loyality is my best feature. You can never have a loyal and faithful family and friends, and in the long run you will betray yourself and your principles if you are not loyal. I like to feel a true love ans not to pretend to love. There is no plays for hatred in my heart and this too comes from my family. Don’t take this as a self – praise, I’m just trying to share my thoughts and ideas with you. Just imagine how easy and nice it is know that you are being loved with sincere and disinterested love. And you should treat the peaple the way you want them to treat you. I love you and sing for you with true ans sincere love With Best regards, Arman Hovhannisyan