Anahit Simonyan

Anahit Simonyan was born in Surgut City, Russian Federation. After leaving school, she moved to Yerevan and entered State Song Theatre of Armenia. After graduation her first music video was released, called ‘Im Hayastan’ (‘My Armenia’). In 2007 she entered Yerevan State Conservatorium after Komitas, jazz vocal faculty and is currently studying there.

In 2006 she shot her 2nd video clip, which was called ‘Pari pari’ (Dance, dance).

In 2007 she took part in ‘Yntsa’ Panamanian competition-festival and took the 4th place, which granted her a prize of shooting 1 video clip, which she decided to base on the song ‘Sirir indz’ (‘Love me’).

In 2008 her fourth music video was released, called ‘Siro housher’ (‘reminiscences of love’).

In 2009 she again took part in ‘Yntsa’ festival and got the award for the first place.