Adiss Harmandian

Adiss Harmandian (in Western Armenian Ատիս Հարմանտեան) is a LebaneseArmenian pop singer (born in Beirut, Lebanon, on January 14, 1945) who now resides in Los Angeles, United States. He is a naturalized American citizen.

He is an international pioneer of Armenian pop songs (known as Armenian estradayin music). He has received high awards and medallions from Armenia, Lebanon, USA and France for his work. The Armenian estradayin music movement started with the big Harmandian hits. The first release of estradayin music was “Dzaghigner” which was well received. “Nouné”, a world Armenian hit “Karoun Karoun” was his ground breaking song around the globe and a great hit. Also notable in the genre are his songs “Ayl Atcher” and “Aghtamar”. Harmandian has released around 30 albums. He has been a renowned songwriter and composer who still travels the world, keeping Armenian pop songs alive for more than four generations throughout the Armenian diaspora.